It seems that PlayStation may be working in a way to correctly emulate the PlayStation 3 games at PlayStation 5 if it is created in the new reports. Doing so would solve a complaint that PlayStation users have had with the compatibility capabilities with previous versions of the new console for some time and would mean that PlayStation 3 Games could be played without having to transmit them, an option that depends solely on quality from Internet. Connection. This occurs after PlayStation announced its new PlayStation Plus subscription levels, which mentioned the PlayStation 3 games in some way, although PlayStation did not mention at that time and has not yet mentioned anything about the emulation of PlayStation 3.

The last thing about the possibility that PlayStation 3 games are emulated at PlayStation 5 comes from Jeff Grubb from Venturebeat, who spoke about that that could happen during the most recent Gamesbeat decides episode. Grubb said he asked and looked around and that “there is a possibility that it seems that Sony could be working on the emulation of PS3 for PS5».

That is far from being a certainty based on how it is written, but if there is at least one possibility, that is all that PlayStation 3 fans will need to wait while they wait for Sony news. The subsequent comments of GRUBB saying that he would like Sony only to say if he is working on the PlayStation 3 emulation or at least recognizes that it is a concern within the community reflects many of the comments shared after the new subscription levels were announced of PlayStation Plus.

The Truth About PS5 Backwards Compatibility

The problem with them, in case you have not read the small print in the PlayStation blog announcement, is that the PlayStation 3 Game Library included in the most expensive option is only available through the transmission in the cloud. Regardless of whether they are at the upper or lower level, those who expected news about the emulation of PlayStation 3 were disappointed to see that the console games were once again relegated to the transmission. Vita’s absence was also a disappointment for those who have the handheld in high esteem, but PlayStation 3 deficiency we talk about in more detail this week was the most frustrating of the two according to the answers.

Sony has not confirmed its plans to work on the PlayStation 3 emulation for PlayStation 5 at this time. The new subscriptions of PLAYSTATION PLUS + PLAYSTATION NOW will be launched in June.