On April 1, the “ Metal Gear ” series 35th Anniversary site has been released, but it was found that it was an unofficial-style joker site on April 2.

Yesterday, GAME * SPARK has been found that this site was discovered and the Konami Digital Entertainment (Konami) official announcement does not exist. However, April 2nd, the site was updated to the NFT auction notice page that Konami published to the 35th Anniversary of the “Devil Castle Dracula” series. The establishment explains that the site has created a site as the “Parody” of the same auction for “Aprower Fool”.

On the site, although the “Otakon” dot picture used in the Metal Gear Solid (MGS) ‘game is displayed in NFT art wind, it seems that “not actually selling.” “NFT does not seem to be optimal to honor or preserve the game”, “Konami sells NFT,” MGS2 “and” MGS3 “are the data in the game Current status of digital sales are stopped for the reason (※ Initially, it was said that “temporary” was considered “Temporary” sold at the time of article released.

Tukang Curi Pulpen di Kelas [Meme]

The founder says, “(Konami) does not complain of me, but instead says to return” MGS2 “” MGS3 “to the digital store.”