Diablo 4 released new video and information related to background art.

Blizzard released new information on background art and open world through four-quarter update posts this year’s first Diablo. In this article, the background art team, including Diablo 4 Background Art Director Chris Rider, had time to introduce a backyiya and six places for the environment of Diablo 4.

The environment of Diablo 4 covers the place and visual elements in the game, and the player will explore five distinct areas and hundreds of dungeons. The environment of Diablo 4 is dark and realistic compared to the previous work. To make this environment, the development is that the development is designed to explore the material, explore the dungeon and the open world, and the building and artifacts are carefully designed.

In addition, through regional weather, indigenous creatures, the environment where the history is felt, the foundation of the deadline or place of the medieval world, which was a medieval world, and the characteristics of the sanctuary filled with history, controversial, and conflict were added to the world in the game.

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update March 2022 Environments and Art Showcase

Climate and light sources are visually important than the previous, and the player can experience a vivid atmosphere of Diablo in all over the place. If the rain falls, the floor is wet, it is watered in the bars, and the hooves, and the ground is felt, and the ground is tough, and the atmosphere becomes heavy and wet.

Art is manufactured using the latest technology and physical-based light sources. The development of developed was a central axis called ‘old master’ and ‘darkness’ to ensure that the visual atmosphere of Diablo 4 could consistency. Rembrandat, such as old painters used by old painters, considered the abducted details and hue techniques.

The Chris Rider said that we have completed a unique style of art that is further developed based on Diablo’s heritage through these diverse procedures.

In Diablo 4, you can explore five areas. The development of the development was connected to all of these worlds, and we have tried to make each place for the criteria called ‘again in darkness’ and to make it immersive.

In the case of the Thrush Glen coast, it contains the story of the coast and the Cape, which is not tuned. The beach has a dump atmosphere, and the seaside and corruption body are null. The rocky cliffs are highly rising, and the royals of the cliffs are shattered due to waves. The background art team wanted to deliver that this coastline was full of danger.

The Orbei monastery is a remote place hidden in the rural province of a barrel plains. Therefore, the plant is sparse and dust is wounded, and the trees are attached to the ground. The salt plain ecosystem added to attract attention was helped to add vitality to the barrel and to apply more attractive troops.

Kiyo Basshard (tentation) is a medieval village that gives an oppressive and cold and rough feeling. As the village is close to the village, the smaller defense was arranged to increase, and the residence of the sanctuary is, as most of the residence of the sanctuary, the buildings of the sanctuary are in the form of a practical aspect.

Introduction to the background art tile set to make the dungeons of the sanctuary. Dungeon of Diablo 4 is randomized as before the series, but it was said that it was able to add more dungeons to add new functions. The development of the developed was a random dungeon in combination with a variety of objects in the units of all tile sets to implement more than 150 dungeons.

All images and images released this time are unfinished, but Diablo 4 is a dark and realistic dark and realistic gothic horror fantasy art and atmosphere. More information related to the background art of Diablo 4 can be found on the quarterly update of Diablo 4 on March 2022.