Rising Wings (CEO Kim Jung-hoon, Rising Wings) will open the official brand page of ‘COMPETZ (Componpitz)’ based on the block chain and enter the Global Block Game Market.

‘COMPETZ’ is a block chain based on a block chain that can enjoy competition and compensation based on the player’s skills and experience. Services provide PVP-based casual games such as easy and intuitive solitaire (card games), bingo, billiards, mini golf, and hunting. The player can get a big victory compensation like an ISPORTS professional as a result of the game. It will be on-board on the platform of Kakao Games’s blocks, and will be released on the Bora, and will be released in the year to exchange game goods through the bora.

Information Services Group (III) Scheduled to Present at NobleCon18 Investor Conference
COMPETZ PFP (Picture for PROFILE ยท Profile Image) Users who purchase NFT can also benefit from all games that are service in the future according to PFP rating. On the April Pura platform, proceed with the primary fitting (Minting / NFT) for the Competz PFP NFT. A total of 1000 PFP NFT will be issued.

COMPETZ has released the service through the official brand page today, and community channels were also opened on Twitter and Discord. Through this, we will share the main contents and schedule for the game to be provided and will quickly communicate various event information to the users. Especially, we support English and Korean to make information easier for global users.

“COMPETZ,” COMPETZ, said, “COMPETZ has successfully seated a plurality of sports casual games on a global market and a collection of technology and technology. Everyone will provide a fair competitive environment that can compete in the same conditions, “We will be able to leap to the ospographic service of everyone,” “maintaining a healthy economic ecosystem based on the partnership with Bora, and expand further into a variety of blocks. “I plan to expand the user’s options.”