10 Players Who Will Get PAID in Europe

Both Dirk Nowitzki and Detlef Schremps can be selected by the fans by 6 April as part of the “NBA 75 Euro Vote”. The preselection of former and current European players of the US league had met a jury. The fan voting and that of the jury, which consists of European media representatives, influencers and prominent, flows to 50 percent in the final result. Can be tuned on the page nba.com/eurovote. Nowitzki and Schremps are the two most successful German players in the history of the league. Novitzki, who won the championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, had already been elected to the “Anniversary Team” last October on the occasion of the 75th NBA season. Schremps played a total of 17 years in the league and became three times all star during this time.