TES vs BLG - Game 1 | Round 2 Playoffs LPL Spring 2022 | Top Esports vs Bilibili Gaming G1
The Chinese League is, without a doubt, of the most interesting and fun you can see on the LOL planet. Among the current world champions ( edg ) and the other great teams like FPX , LNG or Weibo Gaming (new version of Suning), is going to be a real fight. It may seem a little tedious to follow the LPL with its nothing more and nothing less than 17 teams . But with this article we update you with the results and ranking. ## Playoffs ## Classification In a franchise league there is no risk of decline. But that does not take away so everyone wants to win games. The first 10 teams are classified for the playoffs, hoping to win the title and participate in the MSI, so it is important not to end at the bottom of the group. Also, depending on your ranking in the regular season, you get more or less good sowing for the playoffs . Therefore, teams have all the interest in tryhardear.