The play-offs of the LEC Spring Split are in full swing. The first semi-final games were played, both in the “Winner Bracket” as well as in the loser round. In the former, it comes to the top of the top: Rogue against Fnatic is called the “Winner ‘Final”, the last round in front of the grand finale.

RGE vs. FNC - Week 3 Day 1 | LEC Spring Split | Rogue vs. Fnatic (2022)

Sovereign entry into the final round

Both Rogue and FNATIC are among the co-favorites of the tournament and were the two best-placed teams in the group stage. Both teams could succeed in the first round of the play-offs sovereign and moved into the “winner ‘final”.

The lots were 3: 1 each for the favorites. Rogue is almost easily satisfied against outsider Misfits Gaming. FNATIC Around the German Botlaner Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp also drove a dominant victory against G2 Esports.

Revenge for Rogue?

So it now comes to the hot-waiting tip between the two favorites of the LEC Spring Split. Rogue against Fnatic was also one of the semi-final games of the LEC Summer Split 2021, but then still in the “Loser Bracket”. This duel could decide Fnatic significantly with 3: 0 for themselves. It remains to be seen whether the previously undefeated selection of rogue can provide more resistance in the coming meeting.

In the “Loser Bracket” of LEC Spring Split 2022 was also played. Team Vitality Convinced Excel Esports just 3: 2 and meets ESports in the next round. This game will be held on April 1, the lace-up Rogue against Fnatic will take place on April 2 at 17:00 clock MESZ.

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