The developers of Hunt: Showdown announces that you want to be more transparent in the future with what will come this year. Update 1.8 has already been published for the PC and from March 24, the event “Traitor’s Moon” will take place.

In the first quarter with the available update 1.8 the focus is above all for improving the performance of the servers and the client. Thus, one wants to reduce the processing requirements for KI and all interactive objects in the world. In addition, a non-needed component was removed, which could affect the server performance. Furthermore, it was worked on how the client interacts with the Steam API. In order to facilitate the developers in the future, to fix problems and bugs, there will be a new tool. Also added to the missing character and weapon animations in the lobby.

For Quarter 2 is provided that the current system for daily and weekly rewards is replaced by a new quest system. In order to ensure more variety with the Ki, the developers want to introduce two new zombie variations and the 3rd person revise animations when sneaking.

2022 Developer Update - What's Next for Hunt: Showdown

Mid / End Quarter 2 & at the beginning of 3 Quarter, the following changes will continue:

  • New Gameplay Feature to improve the teamplay
  • Changes to the UI for better user-friendliness
  • Ping Limit, if you use servers outside of his region

  • Revision of the progress system, including the prestigious system

In the video of the developers, all details are explained again: