The classic worship Escar from New York is receiving a new board game. Pendragon Game Studios has announced plans to publish a table set based on John Carpenter’s classic, in which players will control Snake, Brain, Maggie and Cabbie while trying to rescue the president and get him out of Manhattan smuggling, which was transformed into A huge prison. Cologne before the beginning of the film. The details of the game were not revealed, but Escape from New York: the board game will be designed by Kevin Wilson, the designer of numerous popular games, including Descense: Trips to the darkness, Tronos game: the board game, _ and _Arkham horror. Escape from New York: The board game will have a Kickstarter campaign that will be launched at the end of 2022.

Eascap from New York premiered originally in 1981 and quickly became a cult classic. Kurt Russell starred in the film as Snake Plissken, an expected from the special forces become mercenary that was strongly recruited for a rescue mission of the president of the United States after the president’s plane crashed at the penitentiary colony of Manhattan. The film continued the collaboration between Carpenter and Kurt Russell, who continued with the, great problem in Little China, _ and several other classic films. Carpenter also made a sequel to _Escar from New York Noble _Escapar from Los Angeles, who also starred Russell.

John Carpenter discusses ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in 1994
Pendragon Game Studio previously published a popular table game based on another classic John Carpenter: _This. That game raised more than $ 450,000 in a Kickstarter campaign and finally reached a wide retail release.

Surprisingly, this is not the first table game based on _EScapar from New York. That game, the players had to collect track cards to rescue the president while using team cards to fight against hostile enemies. As in the film, players only had two options to escape: a stealthy glider parked at the top of the World Trade Center or through a bridge full of mines.