It is no secret that the cloud gaming is an important element for Microsoft , and Xcloud is proof of it. Now, the signature of redmond is one hundred percent with developing this technology since they already announced an officially announced a division of the Xbox Game Studios ** that will be in charge of working in this section and not just That, but will also be led by a major developer.

This news was confirmed by Kim SWIFT , one of the main designers of Portal , who will be in charge of heading this new division. SWIFT shared the news during Game Developers Conference , where it mentioned that this group “will be associated with world-class developers to develop Native Games of the Cloud to bring experiences Unprecedented to players who are only possible with Technology of the Cloud. “

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Specifically, the SWIFT team will take care of developing native cloud games, instead of focusing on games that can simply work via streaming. Apparently, this new initiative will operate independently to the rest of the Xbox Game Studios, and at the moment, we do not know if they already have a developer working on this type of game.

Editor’s note: With this, Microsoft reinforces its commitment to Cloud Gaming, something that certainly fits with the company’s vision. Recall that beyond selling consoles, Xbox wants to offer its users the possibility to play how they want and where they want, so it has all the sense of the world that now will devote more resources to cloud technology.