Iron Lung has released the new action game “ alterborn ” announced action game “ ALTERBORN ” at “ Future Games Show 2022 ” held by 5:00 am in March 25th.

This work is a TPS action that combines elements such as Seoul Like Log Light Route Shooter on the stage of the world “Shutterland” that has been devastated by the old powers. The player will be the number of survival “alternator bones” in the world, and we will clear the mystery of the world while doing interaction with combat, exploration and various people.

In the game, the action of the player will affect the world around the world. In addition to experiencing different deployments for each play, it is possible to observe and apply changes patterns to expand adventures. It seems that a difficulty system that can enjoy challenges tailored to the player’s skills and various system customizations.

In the DevBlog published on the STEAM store page, we introduce inspiration for concept art and development of this work. In a post, it has been revealed that there is a special ability to throw the enemy on the wall or bounce the attack. In addition, some statuses can also be checked on the character screen of the development stage (the UI is notified to change).

“ALTERBORN” will be released for PC (STeam) / PS5.