57 Years as Missionaries (And They’re Not Done Yet!)
Shortly after the 2: 3 defeat at VFB Stuttgart was diagnosed with the Austrian Corona, in the middle of a heavy crisis of Borussia. “I’ve had it intense,” he reported this week: “I got a laryngitis, I had swallowing and could not sleep for three nights.” Hütter was alone at home and dependent on foreign help, even got a cortisone infusion and a high antibiotic dose: “Football was not the top priority.”

Nevertheless, the 52-year-old pursued the efforts of his team to fight out of the crisis. For him, his long-standing assistant and compatriot Christian Peintinger – and led Gladbach out of the coast with two wins. “I have to praise my coaching team, especially to Christian Peinfinger,” says Hütter now: “He has led and moderated that very confidently. In the past few weeks you have seen that it is only together as a team. Also the team I have to make a compliment as she approached the games against Hertha and Bochum. “

For the grounded boss it was two weeks between “one hundred percent trust in Christian” and dosed cooperation: “He thinks the football at 97, 98 percent as me. We were in constant exchange, I got every training from the video analysts. We made together, but I’ve been aware of the games alone and exchanged me only once with our video analyst Philipp Schützendorf. ” But that “not to tell anyone what he should do, but only to tell what I noticed”.

“I have tracked the game very quietly and relaxed”

That the forced break with the strong first half against Hertha began so well, was a help: “I followed the game very quietly and relaxed. I could have almost no influence anyway. And Christian should be able to coach the game as well as he wants.” And that did not really like him “especially in the first half. It was as we, like the team it imagines”. A permanent solution should not be the place on the couch: “It is already very unusual, the own team in the TV to pursue.” Once it was so important to him: in 2019 with Eintracht Frankfurt in the eighth-final return match at Inter Milan, then the Austrian was locked after a kick against a water bottle in the first leg.