RUNE FACTORY 5 is not the game that clearly teaches you what to do next. You have to thoroughly explore the sleepy town of Rigbart and its surroundings, independently finding problems solving. Regarding how to get a cold medicine? This is a pretty good example of this.

To get a cold medicine, you need to unlock first expansion for Rigbarth Clinic in Palm Studio . The expansion will cost you 8,000 gold, 500 gold, 50 material stones and 50 sawn timber. This will add more elements in Simon inventory, including cold medicines.

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The goods itself costs 1000G , so make sure you have enough money to pay for everything. The extension will also allow Simon to introduce vaccines that, among other things, will help to increase your characteristics, statuses and immunity.

When you have a cure for a cold, come to a person who asked him (because there will be more than one) and give him the subject. Requests must be marked as completed!

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