The Miami Heat lost against a replacement team of Golden State Warriors with 104: 118. During the game it came in a break to a quarrel between Head Coach Erik Spoelstra and Jimmy Butler. The actors of the Heat played the incident, however.

The Heat had completely overslept the start to the second half against the Golden State Warriors. After walking in the cabins at 50:50, the DUBS achieved the next 19 points of the game and provided that Heat-Coach Erik Spoelstra reached for a break. In this, it went hot as videos later showed.

They showed how Spoelstra Heat-Star Jimmy Butler protruded from gathered team and also received support from Udonis Haslem. A clipboard flew and butler had to be removed from the Huddle of the Heat with the help of Center Dewayne Dedmon. Spoelstra wanted to give the after the game but no meaning. “We are a pretty gnarled group that reluctantly loses,” said twice Master Coach.

“We were obviously demonstrated and I would say that everyone was pretty angry and disappointed in our Huddle, as we have played until then (…) Such moments can give you buoyancy in a season. You can draw motivation from frustration that But can go in both directions. But I do not worry about our team. “

Miami Heat: incident between butler and spoelstra is played down

Although the Heat greet the top of the Eastern Conference, the trend showed most recently, however, in the wrong direction. So Miami recovered home games against Phoenix and Minnesota, as well as the appearances against the Kellerkinder Detroit and OKC were little convincing, even if each victory jumped out.

Now, however, the Heat lost against teams that did without their best players. In Philadelphia, it sat against a Sixers team without Joel Embiid and James Harden a 106: 113 defeat, with Golden State lacked Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green even the three actors of the opponent.

So there was talk requirement and so it took over half an hour before the players of the Heat were ready for interviews (but not Jimmy Butler). “For us, that’s not a big thing,” said Point Guard Kyle Lowry to the twist in the break, similarly, Center Bam Adebayo also expressed. “That happens more frequently in training. This time the emotions are cooked in a game.”

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Erik Spoelstra addresses Jimmy Butler & Udonis Haslem altercation during timeout | NBA on ESPN

Miami’s advantage on the sharpest purses Philadelphia, Milwaukee (both 45-27) and Boston (46-28) still is 1.5 games. Lastly, the Heat with Lebron James in the season 2012/13 reached the top-seed in the east, then Miami also won the championship last last.