Born at an internal Riot Games event thanks to the ideas of the community, since Aram arrived at League of Legends has become one of the most interesting modes for the players. Date from the competitiveness of the summary crack, many find the fun that do not give them the most competitive modes in the abyss of laments. However, not being able to choose champion can be a difficult handicap to overcome. It is true that it is part of the essence of this game mode, but there has been an interesting suggestion to avoid, without adding new tools, the problems it can cause.

Share dice in Aram?

A player shared in Reddit the crossroads to which he faces when he sees that a partner or friend has run out of dice to do ‘re-roll‘ (change champion). In its publication, it explained the following: “Sometimes I have a free dice, but I want to stay with the current champion. To help the rest of players, I would like to be able to make a run without being able to steal my champion. I propose that a new button is added to add an additional character to the hero bar available for the computer so that I can keep my character_ “.

The Ultimate ARAM Guide
Although the suggestion could not be simpler, the truth is that The community has turned with it, having received more than 10,000 positive votes since the proposal was launched. In addition, it has led to additional suggestions as the option to maintain a priority option on the champion we had when launching the dice. Quality of life improvements that, ultimately, would help the community to create a better game environment in a way that League of Legends has reserved exclusively for fun, as Riot Games demonstrates with its refusal to add qualifying items.

The problem with which Riot Games could be found to add this new function in the abyss of laments is the gaming client. Some similar alternatives suggested to the developer were rejected by the difficulty in making changes in which he is one of the great lades of the game. Even simpler settings are more convoluted than it looks like and it is not easy to take them out. However, we do not lose the faith to see this improvement introduced in League of Legends once and for all.