What’s more fun than a meta-game? A meta-game that opposes the player to the game developer, of course. Terrorbane is an ironic indeed rpg inspired classic JRPGs with a touch – namely, the developer is a kind of mess, and now the game is too. The players will embody Terrorbane, a hero taken in the confusing attempt of the developer to create the perfect video game. You can either help the developer overcome his gaps and help him repair his own game, to challenge him. Anyway, you will become the scourge of all the mistakes during several parts, discovering secrets and laughing well in the process. This trailer gives an excellent overview of the kind of tone you can expect. Three words: too much sword.

The features of the game will include:

  • _ A gameplay inspired by JRPG with majestic lands and powerful enemies_
  • _ Original characters and catchy dialogues_

[Free RPG Day] Fabula Ultima TTJRPG
* Pas of bugs! _
* _More references to video games that you can not manage

* A friendly developer, although a little arrogant
* Absolutely no bug! _
Diverse lands that do not match any kind (fantasy? Post-apo? We do not know!) _
* _D’Accord, there may be some bugs here and there, but you will help us find them, do not you? _

Terrorbane offers the possibility of exploring a variety of interesting parameters, each filled with reminders of great moments in the history of the game or neat bumps on classical mechanics. There are bugs to fight absolutely everywhere, from the terrorbane body inexplicably disappear to the NPCs unconsciously crossing rivers on the fighting screen in turn that collapses completely. If we believe the trailer, you can even escape death by preventing the game on the screen to appear completely. This is what is called meta!

Terrorbane will be available soon on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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