RIOT Games has published a patch note of New Patch 4.05, “ Valorant ” on March 22. In addition to adjusting the “stick beacon” of Brimstone significantly enhanced in the previous update 4.04, various updates are given in the system surface.

First, check the balance adjustment of the agent. It is Brimstone’s “stick beacon” that is adjusted with this update. Details are as follows (quoted from official patch notes).

· Stim beacon
-The number of charges decreased 2 >>> 1
-Cost increases 100 >>> 200

In the previous update 4.04, adjustments are made to the entire agent of the controller (smoked) role, and Brimstone’s “stick beacon” has an existing “rapid fire” (such as increased firing rate) in addition to a 15% moving speed The effect of the effect was given. This update does not add these application effects and will instead be adjusted at the number of charges and costs.

Next, check the game system update. Notable is a shared function of crosshair setting. Details are as follows (quoted from official patch notes).

· Import / export crosshair settings. Use the auto-generated code to set.

In the conventional method, it is necessary to set all the numerical values ​​of each item to set the crosshair manually. This update allows the same crosshair setting as the other player to copy and paste the generated code.

For game system updates, there are other changes to the “most powerful weapon priority” settings. Details are as follows (quoted from official patch notes).

Update the “Highest Powerful Weapon Priority” setting
The aim of this setting was to be able to prepare the combat system after the ability to use an ultimate orb after the ability to use and spike while moving the player quickly with close weapons. Two changes were made in this regard.

· Rework to set the “best powerful weapon priority”

  • Change the setting of setting to “automatic equipment priority” (setting option is “priority of weapon equipped with just before” or “priority of the most powerful weapon”)
  • Added the ability to use like a weapon (previous priority) for system determination (previous priority: Primary> Secondary> Close weapons)
  • New Priority: (Ultimate & Primary)> (Secondary & Chamber Pistol)> Proximity Weapons
  • If the priority is the same, the weapon equipped immediately before is prioritized.

· Add new setting items: not equipped with close weapons

  • Exclude proximity weapons from the judgment target of “Weapons that were equipped just before”.
  • This can be turned on to avoid installing nearby weapons after changing or using the ability. It does not affect the behavior of other automatic equipment settings.

This update seems to be able to customize the behavior of the automatic equipment setting according to the player’s preference. For example, it may be corrected by accidental weapons (knife) immediately after use of the ability, and an accident such as falling into the gap may be reduced by this automatic equipment setting.

Then check the content of the competitive update. The “deterministic map system” previously pre-reported in 4.04 patch notes is introduced in all regions. The system has already been tested in Latam (Latin America) region and is introduced in all regions by this update. The details of this system are as follows.

“Determined map system”
-The participation of the match after confirming the player, select the map according to the following process.

  1. Confirm all the maps played in the last 5 games.
  2. The participating player excludes the maps played twice or more in the last 5 games from the candidate.
  3. Select the most unmapped map (but temporarily, he is chosen if all maps are excluded in two, and the most unmapped maps are selected for all maps).

This update is expected to reduce the bias of the matched map.
In addition, the patch notes are introduced in the patch notes for defect corrections.

· Fixed a problem that the “exit from the match” button does not function properly in PBE
· Corrects the problem that Sauva’s “reconvolter” is destroyed by Brimstone’s “Orbital Strike”
· Fixed a bug that hovered the mouse cursor to the scoreboard microphone icon
Ice box
· Although I was planning to release an ice box-related defect correction at the same time as patch 4.05, I have a delay in work because I encountered unexpected problems. I would like to release it in the patch now, so please wait for a while. If the correction is released, we will add it here.

The above is the content of the patch 4.05. In addition to weakening the “Stimbbeacon” that became too strong in the last patch 4.04, there is a part that is convenient in the game system, and is not a good content for many players? The patch has already been released for Asia. “Valorant” is delivered for basic play for PC.