There are new firmwares for PS4 and PS5 today. As Sony communicates in a current blog entry, the two game consoles will get a larger system update during the day. Selected beta testers have been able to test the current software extensively in the past few weeks – and then take a look at the new features. “Thanks to the support of our beta participants, we can introduce our global community today a few long-deserved functions: for example, the ability to create or participate in PS5 and PS4 consoles PS5 and PS4 consoles ,” Sony shares the new Firmware with.

New PS5 firmware: This is in the update

PS5 System Firmware Update Details & Enhanced VRR Revealed!

On PS5 are also user interface improvements for the Game Base and Trophy Cards , as Sony also writes in the patch Notes. Added to this are barrier-free features such as mono audio for headphones. “Refreshing the PS5 features, such as applying game presets to your console, attaching videos and apps to your screen while playing or sharing your screen with friends, can be found in the Control Center on the new profit badges”, complements the publisher. The PS app for mobile devices also receives an update . Also, therefore, there is the possibility to create open or closed parties – and to attend it. By updating the interface, access to features such as “friends” and “news” should now be easier.

VRR comes: Sony calls details about the upcoming update

In the blog entry Sony also goes on another feature for PS5: variable refresh rate . VRR is therefore to be introduced on the current game console in the coming months – a concrete date is not available so far. “On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors Dynamically synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the graphic output of the PS5 console. This improves the visual power of PS5 games, as visual artifacts such as frame-pacing problems and screens Tearing effects minimized or eliminated, “commented Sony.

In doing so, published games could be subsequently adapted to VRR by patch. In the blog entry Sony complements that it is also possible to apply VRR to PS5 games that do not support this option. This can improve video quality for some games. On request, the option should also be disabled, it should suddenly come to graphics errors. Further information wants to submit Sony if the VRR update for PlayStation 5 (Buy Now 975,00 €) is approaching. Then details are planned to play for which a VRR update is already in development.

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