It seems that Legado de Hogwarts, which is the next action game and adventures set at Wizarding World, it is not allowed players to participate in Quidditch games. For those who have grown up watching and reading Harry Potter’s films and books, the Quidditch is the most popular sport within the fictitious universe. And given how prominent the Quidditch is in Hogwarts, it seemed logical that the activity was included in Hogwarts_. However, based on a new description of how it is presented in broom in the title, it does not seem that the quidditch is available to play after all.

As mentioned in the officer Legado de Hogwarts_Sitio Web, it is said that riding a broom can only be used as a means of travel within the title. While secondary activities can be done as races when mounted on a broom, the Quidditch itself was not mentioned anywhere in the Frequently Asked Questions page of the game. “The flight in Broom is a travel method in Hogwarts and there are also broom races,” said WB Games about the things that players can do when they ride a broom in Legado de Hogwarts. “Players can take a flight class to master their flight skills with brooms.”

Based only on this description, it seems that Quidditch may not be something that players can participate personally. Although the sport can still be seen in Legado de Hogwarts Maybe it’s just an activity that you can only see from afar instead of playing.

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On the other hand, there is always the possibility that this description of frequently asked questions of Hogwarts_ may not be revealing everything about the title. Since we still have many months until the launch of the game is planned, maybe Avalanche and WB Games are only trying to save some new advertisements about the game for a later date. Even so, at this time, it seems that Quidditch is not included.

For now, everything we know with certainty about Hogwarts_ is that it will be launched later in this Christmas season. When you arrive, you will arrive at the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.