DMM Games operated by Joint Company EXNOA (Head Office: Minato Ward, CEO: Muraku Murako) is a student and a youth developing game that plays a student! In “the new event” Challenge! Cantta played in strawberry “that the limited SSR card of Izumiya Makide (CV: CV) appeared.

# Event “Challenge! Canta played in strawberry” started!

From March 16, 2012 (Wed), the event “Challenge! Canta played in strawberry” has begun. A concert is held at the farm, and the story of brass band guests who will be playing singing as a new attempt can be enjoyed, and you can get various rewards including limited cards by collecting event points. In addition, limited SSR cards can enjoy “limited card stories” by raising LV.

Holding period: March 16, 2012 (Wednesday) 14:00 to March 26, 2022 (Sat) 13:59

<Event “Challenge! Limited Card Available in Canta Playing in Strawberry”
SSR Card: [Gokuso Special Purfa] Izumiya Midsu (CV: Azuma)
SR Card: [Strawberry Time] South Sato Akihiko (CV: Takuma Terashima)
R Card: [Strawberry Time] Mochizuki Tomo (CV: Takeuchi Sauchi)

· Event Support Campaign Special Login Bonus
10 days during the period present items to help events!

Holding period: March 16, 2012 (Wednesday) 14:00 to March 26, 2022 (Sat) 13:59

· Limited time! Add “Strawberry Farm Decoration” to My Board
Decorated shop, decor with the image of the event appeared for a limited time!

Holding period: March 16, 2012 (Wed) 14:00 to March 20, 2022 (Wednesday) 13:59

· Limited time “Challenge! Canta Gacha played in strawberry” Held
“Challenge! Canta Gacha played in strawberry” can earn a limited card for the event. Limited cards can exert event bonus effects during the event and advance events. In addition, limited SSR cards can enjoy “limited card stories” by raising LV.

Holding period: March 15, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-March 26, 2012 (Saturday) 13:59

<“Challenge! Limited card available in Canta Gacha played in strawberry”
SSR Card: [The most delicious way of eating] Kazuki Kazuki (CV: Nakajima Yoshiki)
SR Card: [Strawberry Time] Tatsumi Taro (CV: Nakata Hiroya)

R Card: [Strawberry Time] Igu (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

When they are both foxy #Shorts

# Limited time Birthday Mon Gacha “birthday shot -march-” is being held

Limited time “Birthday shot -march-” appears a limited SSR card with a limited number of members who will receive a birthday in March! Limited SSR Cards can enjoy “limited card stories” by raising LV, and the event “Challenge! Canta played in strawberries” is exerted at the event bonus effect. For more information on event bonus effects, please check the announcement in the game.

In addition, the illustration after Flowering of the SSR Card is the “Wind Boys!” Natsuko of the character design is in charge of the original and the one scene is drawn with the birthday members. Is. Enjoy a special illustration and a card story for a limited number of birth months and a card story.

Holding period: March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) 0:00 to March 31, 2022 (Thu) 23:59

<Limited Card available for <“BIRTHDAY SHOT-MARCH-“>
SSR Card: [Birthday Shot] Tensei Koji (CV: Ishikawa World)
SSR Card: [Birthday Shot] Maruyama Kojiro (CV: Tikuichiichi)

# “Wind Boys! “”

“Wind Boys! “A smartphone app & PC browser game that enjoys the training of high school students who belongs to the brass band club.

Cherry blossoms have a branch from the left and right, and the spring day when the bud is
The main character has returned to Kanazawa who is his local as a new teacher.
“Ishikawa Prefectural Obsuke High School”, which is the main character, “Ishikawa Prefectural Little Bubble High School” is the 126nd year of establishment, and the leading school in the prefecture in the prefecture that lists the Bunmen at a historical public high school.
The “brass band club” of Keizuki High School was a national high school school of the national tournament,
A certain event was in a substantially abandoned state.
Under such circumstances, new first graders who call a storm have entered
The main character is caught in a great disturbance of “brass band club” revival

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