The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BayC) is one of the most exclusive and best-known NFT groups in its area. Your reputation now uses the NFT platform to develop a new “play-to-earn” -nft game where players can buy and allow to play to play.

Anyone who has dealt with NFTs (non-fungible token) probably knows the bored monkey pictures of BayC . The Yacht Club (and its various offshoots) is one of the largest and most exclusive groups in the crypto sector and was sold for more than $ 1 billion. With the introduction of your cryptostation apecoin on March 16, 2022 , expand your reach to the game market with a new “play-to-earn” game.

So the “play-to-earn” game works

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The apecoin, which is referred to as “token for culture, games and trade to strengthen a decentralized community at the top of Web3” will drive the title of BayC, even if there are only a few details about the content of the game. The game is developed in collaboration with NWayplay, which have already developed a number of other “play-to-earn” titles in the game industry. The concept of “play-to-earn” was popular by NFT games, where ** players can earn more tradable collectors by playing the game.

You can then use these newly acquired NFTs for your own game or sell them with profit. Apecooin is also used for the power of NFT games on the market, where games developers use the opportunity to integrate the new crypto feed into their titles.

In the video game scene frowned

NFT games and NFTs in them are in all playing areas in the criticism of the players. Over 80% of NFTs on one of the largest trading platforms OpenSea are fake or stalked n and many benefits nFts as a snowball system to make fraudulent money.

Axie Infinity, one of the most famous games in this area, was criticized among other things for its high starting costs. Recently, the YouTube Star Dr Disrespect announced that his game company MIDNIGHT SOCIETY NFTS will integrate into your game universe , starting with Project Moon. During the “DOC” assures that the games will stay for free, players can buy and swap cosmetic items over the blockchain to use them in Midnight Society titles. This includes a NFT with early access, the Founders Pass, which is currently available for around $ 50 commercially available.

There is no schedule for the publication of the NFT game of BayC, but with the first concept pictures, the development is certainly in progress. Blades “Play-to-earn” games are interesting for you, or do you generally leave the fingers of everything that includes the three letters? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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