There is no doubt that _ Elden Ring _ is the game of the moment, and the new of fromSoftware has been very present in the gaming community since its debut a few weeks ago. Obviously, Peta wanted to take advantage of this to use the game as a method to promote veganism, as well as care and protection towards animals.

Through its official accounts, PETA published a brief listing where they mention five things that suggest to the players of * Elden Ring: **

1. Take your dogs to give a pleasant walk through the lake.

2. Persuade the mercenaries so that they do not exploit the horses.

3. Observe wildlife from a healthy and respectful distance.

4. Take a look at some sanctuary of animals.

5. Share a moment of peace with incredible animals.

PETA's Top 5 Things You Should Do in Elden Ring

Obviously this is not the first time that PETA uses videogames as a platform to promote this type of ideology, although as we have seen before, the community does not always receive these movements in the best possible way.