Some time ago, we could see Dune : Spice Wars, but only two factions had been unveiled, the traditional Harkonns and Atreities with a small spoiler regarding a future faction different from others.

And the wait is over, because this faction at the atypical gameplay will be that of Smugglers, traffickers who short-circuit Choam’s handmark in the spice management in the universe. Those who are trying to get the precious spice without going through the Choam, for unavoyable goals, usually address Smugglers, who are always ready to make profit.

The Smugglers are established on Arrakis, possess their own territory and sufficient armed force to provide them with a certain sustenance. With their agents, disseminated throughout the galaxy, they are able to influence trade and politics for their benefit. After all, their final goal is one day to reach the official family status of the Landsraad!

Smugglers start their part in the polar area, the famous area where water, vital resource for all factions, is therefore one of the nervical centers of the game. They are therefore exposed very quickly to meet other factions. Their specific gameplay allows them to infiltrate the villages of their opponents and thus parasitize their infrastructures, extending their holds throughout the territory of the game.

They also have a hold on trade and optimization, can sabotage the development of their neighbors, or even plunder their riches.

Their leader is called “Esmar Tuek”, master spy with links with the fremens, but also with the espionage guild and various houses in the Landsraad. It has a reputation for always respecting a contract and if his men are faithful to his gold, they are also on his acute business.

It has surrounded themselves with a few people of trust, vital in its sector of activity:

  • Staban Tuek, his son. It has an innate sense of the Arrakis political landscape and enjoys many connections in the Landsraad.
  • Lingar Bewt, great trader specializing in the water trade that gives it a lot of authority.
  • DRISQ, the Esmar master district, which takes care of the logistics of contraband operations. He manages the entire network of SIETCH TUEK spices.
  • Bannerjee, Head of Security, knows all individuals in the criminal world and manages his teams with a firm hand.

Smugglers, on the battlefield, are experts to focus on easy prey. Their units reduce the supply of their targets during the fighting and enjoy the weakening of these as time passes. It is therefore fighting specialists in the long term.

Their unique units include:

  • The looters, specialized contact troops whose force increases when the provisions of the target decrease.
  • Demoliers, who use chemical weapons to reduce enemy provisions in their attack zone, harassment unit par excellence
  • Scouts, snipers have, with their modified weapons, the largest attacking scope of all Arrakis and possibilities of camouflage
  • The free company, composed of assassins and premium hunters, known throughout the imperium
  • Combat drones, powerful mechanical unit designed for autonomy fighting. Agile but very fragile

The SMUGGLERS | A NEW FACTION - Dune: Spice Wars [2022]

In short, the game progresses and thus won on this third faction, it is totally a surprise! The good news is that the wait decreases to put the hand on it!