Atar’s MobyGames trade strengthened.

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The MobyGames site founded in 1999 is a huge video game database that updates users. In November last year, Atari announced its intention to buy MobyGames by 1.5 million dollars. Now this purchase date has become true and the ownership moves out of Antsstam.

“The MobyGames community has had a long-term and important role in documenting, celebrating video games. The support for Mobygames will enable us to recover to the community and to promote its growth and success,” Atar’s CEO Wade Rosen notes in the Official Opinion.

From 2013 MobyGames spinned Jeremiah Freyholtz tells Atar to understand how important the project is to the gaming community. A new owner is believed to be well in line with the plans to improve the database and the tools already made.

“In fact, Atar’s new CEO is a retroperer / collector and a long-term fan of the site!” Freyholtz More.