Destiny 2: The Witch Queen presents the processing of Void 3.0, which changes the subclass to work as well as Stasis. This means that the players will no longer be limited only by three empty grenades and instead will have access to all six empty grenades, regardless of their chosen class. Here are all empty grenades in Destiny 2 and how they are ranked apart.

It is difficult to compare different types of grenades with each other, as they all work in different ways. For example, one pomegranate may have the highest common damage, but its DPS is the lowest of all. Therefore, we will rank these grenades on that they actually make as well as overall performance in the game.

Below are the six ranked void grenades. From the worst to the better :

All Subclass Grenades Ranked in a Tier List | Destiny 2

  1. Vortex pomegranate – This pomegranate is not really a bad performer. It inflicts solid damage for five seconds and within four meters radius. Nevertheless, this grenade simply sounds medium; It is not very bad, but not very good.
  2. Sicky pomegranate – **** Sweet pomegranate looks like a vortex grenade in the fact that it causes periodic damage around the region – the difference is that this pomegranate creates a damage cone covering 12 meters, and causes a little bigger damage over time.
  3. Magnetic grenade – Magnetic grenade captures the enemy and sticks to it, blowing twice, inflicting damage. This pomegranate is good with its ability to track enemies, but this can make it unpredictable, and her damage is not as high as other options.
  4. Scatter grenade – Scatter Grenade stands out that he can kill enemies with one shot in PvP. In addition, the pomegranate is rather impermanent and often can lead to a very small damage on the intended purpose, if all smaller grenades are not fixed.

  5. Empty garnet – this is another grenade, which eventually causes damage to enemies. However, this is a significant improvement in comparison with the grenades of Vortex and Spike, as they cause much larger damage both initially and over time on a 10-meter line.

  6. Aksion Bolt – This pomegranate is really standing out in PVP situations. He sends a bolt that will look for enemies within a radius of 14 meters. This means that the grenade is quite indulgent and will follow the enemy for five seconds before disappearing. She also has the lowest cooldown among all pomegranate emptiness – just a minute and a half.
  7. Overwhelming pomegranate – These grenades are perhaps the most durable grenades in all destiny. They can apply a huge damage by direct hit, and they have the ability to bounce from the floor or wall before hitting the enemy. They have an eight meter explosion radius in combination with a suppression mechanic that turns off the use of your class’s abilities.

So, you have it, it is all volatile grenades ranked on the worst for the better. Update Void 3.0, no doubt, will add more flexibility to the subclass, and we will not wait to see which builds are created using various grenades that are now available for all classes.

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