Destiny 2 has received the annual great extension with The Witch Queen. This time everything revolves around the eponymous saddle king Savathûn, who for a long time in the background forged their dark plans. What expects everything and for whom a (re-) entry is worthwhile, you will learn in our FAQ test.

briefly said: That’s new!

  • New Story campaign (about 8 hours) plus side quests
  • New Location: Savathûn’s throne world
  • Weapon Crafting
  • New weapon type: Glefe
  • New opponent type: light carrier
  • New Raid in March
  • Two new strikes and new endgame activity “Urquell”
  • Revision of all empty classes

Before it goes on, you can watch a trailer for the Destiny 2 extension here again:

What’s it?

In Witch Queen everything revolves around the antagonist Savathûn and their crowd. The problem: The Destiny fans well-known goddess of lies has managed to steal the light, so the energy that gives the guardians to their magical forces. Some of their subordinates can therefore use the same skills as we – including revival! Of course, that makes them a threat to staying.


Throne world 1 throne world 2 throne world 3 throne world 4 throne world 5


is witch queen something for single player fans?

As always, you can tackle the missions alone or in the operational squad with up to three playing ones. Depending on the number of opponents and difficulty are adjusted. In addition, this time there is the new legendary level of difficulty for all missions that offers playback value. Multiple passes are playfully useful, because if you finish all the missions on legendary, there are special rewards that are really a good incentive.

Witch Queen is one of the best campaigns that existed in the Destiny Universe so far and makes even The Taken King from Destiny 1 competition. That’s because it really feels like a coherent story, which is almost exclusively based on classic missions. Bungie does not send us this time on Grinding Tour to kill “100 opponents with weapon x”. The story passes ahead and feels more about a normal solo campaign than all other campaigns before. In addition, it can be noticeably more extensive with 8 hours on the normal degree of difficulty when it is used to destiny fans.

The story is a great strength. The plot is exciting and benefits for fans of the game from the continuous storytelling of the past Seasons, as several story threads are satisfactorily merged. Especially towards the end, the staging attracts and makes a thrilling barrel despite a satisfactory end, from which Destiny 2 can draw a lot.

As far as the content is out of campaign missions, Destiny remains true. If the game principle as a singleplayer fan has closed to you so far, you must make yourself with yourself if a good campaign with at least 8 hours of playing time and optionally a second pass is worth 40 euros. Other great innovations such as weapon crafting is first unfold if you really invest in the latege.

I’m completely out – worth it (again) entry?

One of the biggest problems of Destiny 2 is the beginner friendliness. New or recurring players * inside are gladly overwhelmed by terms, activities and the patch-type narration style. That could threaten you with Witch Queen, because the basic construction and the quest system do not change.

However, bungie tries to meet newcomers something. For example, the story campaign is clearer this time and this also benefits beginners. The above-mentioned, very classic construction without grind trips between the individual missions is much less confusing. There are smaller improvements in the UI. In the revised empty capabilities, now e.g. Important Gameplay effects such as “suppress” explains well visible.

However, gross story knowledge is helpful to the Destiny Universe. If you do not know who the traveler is and what it has with the light, there could be understanding problems. Deeper lore knowledge than that does not need to be able to follow the action.

Basically, Witch Queen is a good entry point , as the campaign is pleasant through the basic mechanics and offers exciting, classic missions, as you know it from other story shooters. Weapon crafting, exotic quests and the bonds to Loot can be completely unauthorized first left and focus on the missions instead.

What changes at the gameplay?

The normal shooter gameplay changes mainly through the new gun genre “Glefe” and the revised empty classes. Both do not revolutionize Destiny 2, but ensures more variety.

Glefen offer a mixture of strong melee attacks, ranged weapon and shield. You have to find your place in the meta in the next few weeks and months, but for the beginning you feel pleasantly fresh and make fun if your enemies like to look near the eyes.

The new empty classes no longer work on the previous three paths with predetermined PERK combinations. Instead, the system is used, which was introduced 2021 with Stasis. We can put together our super, skills and individual properties a lot of individual. Some skills were also changed or are completely new. Even experienced empty fans have something to tinker again. While there are experienced players or criticism of balancing the Hunter, which continues to miss strong support capabilities for the entire team compared to Warlocks and Titans, but they will hardly notice something in normal PVE activities, Gambit and PVP.

Grinden annoys me. Helps the weapons crafting?

Destiny 2 is primarily a Loot Shooter, and Grinden, so the lengthy hunt for the perfect weapon or armor belongs to the agenda. That also changes with the witch king little, but will be softened.

For some of the new weapons, such as the brosses, you can find construction plans during the game. If you have got one of them, it’s relicing, the new “weapons making machine”. Here you can create a basic version of the respective weapon. At the beginning you have only a few perks and properties to choose from. To unlock the entire range of ways, your kills will have to make your weapon and increase your level. So here is also a topic here, but just with a concrete goal and not based on pure happiness. This motivates.

Perfectly balanced, the whole thing is not yet. On the one hand, because the amount of resonance resources that you need to crap have a noticeable low maximum in the inventory. On the other hand, because the improved perks, which are supposed to lift out self-made weapons, are hardly worth mentioning.

The relic is potentially enormous help for those who are on the ideal “God Roll”. Especially with rare weapons, it can be extremely frustrating, for example, if one repeats a seasonal strike again and again and repeatedly, but the beloved palindrome revolver simply does not drop with the desired perks. The mentioned problems can be solved well by patch in the theory, so bungie wants.

Be warned in front of the Vault!

At the end of 2020, the “Destiny Content Vault” was introduced. Behind this virtual vault hides the fact that bungie has begun to remove selected content from the game and set to ice for the time being. The reason is first traceable: Destiny 2 became too big. This not only concerned the necessary storage space, but also the mass of content, which made the game even more confusing than it is already. Especially since Destiny 2 should be supplied with new extensions for more than many years, bungie must be masked.

The Witch Queen Campaign Lore for Dummies, Destiny 2 | Myelin Games

However, this year, it also affects the Wirtbuch and its campaign, which came with the paid Forsaken enlargement 2018. So content was taken from the game, which cost all money. Whether, when and in whatever form the timeling returns, can not be said. That’s exactly where content from Witch Queen could be threatened in the future. The wirb bay was active in the game for over three years. Good possible that the throne world could have a similar expiration date – unless bungie finds an alternative solution. That would be pure speculation at this time.