Elden Ring gives his players the opportunity to produce a wide range of different items, from consumables that help them to endure the attacks of some of the strongest enemies of the game, to grease, which they can then use to use their weapons exponentially Increase new properties to increase your total damage. So if you plan to soak your weapon in Elden Ring, you need root resin, but how can you get the ingredient? To help you and more, find here where you need to go Farm Root Resin in Elden Ring .

Where to find root resin in Elden Ring and how to breed it

Elden Ring | How To Farm Root Resin Guide

As with all other ingredients that occur in the game, players can find root resin everywhere in the Lands Between. If you want to farm Root Resin in Elden Ring, we recommend that you go to Warmaster’s Shack in the Stormhill area. To achieve the hut, just go west of Sainstbridge. Once you have reached the hut, you only need to go to the site of grace and then go to the tree right in front of the site where you can get at least 3 units of root resin before resting. We advise you to go to the place during the day, as entering the hut at night leads to a Bell Bearing Hunter spawn, which triggers a field boss fight. To get large quantities of the ingredient quickly, just select the items, go back to the website, rest, and repeat the process. It is important to point out that you can carry on the field up to 999 units root resin.

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