In Horizon Forbidden West, you do not make much damage in the beginning. How much but overall is possible, extremely impressive – no matter where the game you are located. An accomplished fan presents a bow build on YouTube, with which you can really do the hardest opponents within a very short time. Thanks to damage values ​​of over 9,000 per shot, neither thunder pine nor bar tooth represent a problem, on the contrary: You do the garday with three shots.

Horizon Forbidden West Fan shows bow build with absurd high damage

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - I Was Wrong, This Is Amazing (Horizon Forbidden West Armor)
It’s about it: To make tremendous damage, with which you can clean yourself fearless opponents like Thunderkiefer and Co simply from the Open World Map. How that can look like, Youtuber Gamer Jayz impressively shows in this video:

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You need it: ** The matching bow, the corresponding skills and armor. If you combine each other with the appropriate skills and tissues or coils, one shot kills with over 9,000 damage points are nothing in the way.

  • Forged assault : The heart of this build is the legendary sharp shoulder arch itself. With additional drawing speed, overvoltage damage, more concentration damage and some coils, which can be on loop ranging damage, some of which comes together. You will receive the arch at Dukkah if you left 80 Arenamarken.
  • NORA Thunder Warener: The legendary armor makes you a great deal in slow motion, offers endurance regeneration and thanks to camouflage fear fight makes her more damage at the beginning of a fight. The armor also finds you at Dukkah at the Schlund der Arena.
  • Braced Shot: With this weapon technique you can do extra harm with the sharp shoulder arch.
  • RANDED MASTER: The Ranged Master Power Surge also gives you a whole pile of extra damage on level 3 and increases the regeneration of weapon duration.

This is neat and if you combine the skills with the equipment, you should really have any problems with enemy machine dinos. If you are still looking for other builds, you will find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West and here the best armor.

Which combination of weapons, armor and Co does you like to play?