Paseo in Karts of Mario will receive a new update at some point in the near future. A launch date established for version 2.12.0 has not been announced, but the official Twitter account of the game says that fans can expect to see it “soon”, with changes that will be made on the next tour. For now, fans will only have to wait patiently to see when it could fall, but the update should be a particularly welcome news for lifelong fanatics, as it focuses mainly on level limits.

The update of version 2.12.0 is scheduled to launch soon! The level limit for drivers, karts and gliders will be increased, as well as the bonus points of certain elements. The changes will come into force on the next tour. Notifications for more details », Nintendo wrote on Twitter.

Pasement in Karts of Mario Launched on mobile devices in 2019 and has seen a constant flow of updates since then. The game continuously adds new drivers, new karts and a combination of new and recurring tracks that cover the history of the Mario Kart series. As such, the game has become a great celebration of everything related to Mario, and it is easy to see why it continues to find new players, while some of the other Nintendo mobile efforts have had problems.

The newly created game tracks have been Paseo in Karts of Mario The highlight of ‘s, and soon Mario Kart 8 luxury Players can see what this uproar is about! Earlier this month, Nintendo announced a Booster Pass for the Switch game, which will add several slopes for previous games of Mario Kart, which include paseo in Karts of Mario. As such, the Booster Pass will provide console players their first opportunity to play clues like Ninja Hideaway, Tokyo Blur and Paris Promenade, all of which will debut in the game next month. Maybe these tracks even convince console players to finally give paseo in Karts of Mario an attempt!

Pasement in Karts of Mario is currently available on iOS and Android devices. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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