Bohemia Interactive announces its total plans for DayZ in 2022, which include five updates, seasonal events and a lot of new terrains, assets, firearms and more.

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that you will support DayZ through 2022 all year 2022 and offer frequent updates that include a healthy mix of troubleshooting, stability, balancing and new content.

The developers are planning to publish five updates this year, ranging from smaller to larger updates. All should add at least one firearm and unlike last year, the focus will be especially on civil weapons.

The plans include:

  • Focus on improving official terrains, especially the DLC card Livonia
  • Improvements in vehicle stability
  • Enriched seasonal events
  • Expansion of DayZ history
  • Add more civilian firearms
  • Increase of asset production
  • More customization options for the control scheme on the controllers

DayZ Devs Tease What's Happening For DayZ In 2022!!

All these improvements are carried out in collaboration with the partners of the game and the community to get the performance and stability of the game. This also includes that older hardware generations do not stay on the track.

Bohemia Interactive begins the year with the publication of Update 1.16 on all platforms. It contains a new fire weapon, but more importantly, it offers a variety of corrections and customizations aiming at numerous balancing and gameplay problems. This offers developers the opportunity to clean up the game and prepares the stage for upcoming, invigorating updates, which is good news for all survivors.