If there is something that can cause a great trouble with us than a strong monster, so it’s Dialogue options . This is true even for such simple questions, how to “help her climb?” And even more so for more serious questions, such as “kill the beast?” Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a game filled with such options from start to the end, so you may be interested, whether any of your solutions have consequences in the future.

Although none of your decisions affect the main plot and its ending, some of them have consequences . These consequences are in most cases insignificant. For example, at the beginning of the game you will meet on the south island of perfume with a strange smell. You have a choice, return it to the owner or not, and your choice will affect something.

So, if you were asked a strange question, you can think a little over it.

The only options for dialogue that do not have any terrible consequences are those that you encounter in the usual world. These are just cases when you can earn more items or money.

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.