For Call of Duty Vanguard a new update is available for download. The developers of Sledgehammer Games share the patch Notes via their website – and thus details of the changes and innovations. So then it should no longer come to a sudden game crash if you scroll in the game by your friends list. However, in the foreground of the patch are error corrections for individual bundles.

At the Sten Historia Blueprint “Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle” it should no longer happen that it appears as STG44 in public multiplayer matches. In the Battle Pass, the developers resolve a mistake at Beatrice Parisian Skin , which you unlocked in place 20. In the patch Notes, SLEDHAMMER GAMES shares that all rank-20 players have received this skin in progress . In Zombies Mode, the Vanguard Update is a spawn problem with the DECIMATOR SHIELD.

Ranked Play postponed, new information

The Patch Notes for the new Vanguard update also use the developers as a platform to talk about the planned ranked play. Due to a critical STAT bug in the live environment, the Ranked Play Beta did not work as previously communicated on 17 February online. Through social channels, the developers want to keep players up to date – and communicate a new appointment as soon as a fix has been implemented.

Ranked Play Update DELAYED for Call of Duty Vanguard

The Vanguard menu will soon be available for a new pillar mode that Competitive lots enables, outputs seasonal skill ratings and promises twe-weekly ranking events. When participating, you will assure you special rewards. You play in 4-counter-4 matches on the same maps, modes and settings that match the rule set of Call of Duty League. Individual weapons, perks and killstreaks are limited only available. The game modes include CDL Hardpoint, CDL Control and CDL Search & Destroy .

Rewards in the Ranked Play

In the Ranked Play you will receive every five ranks both an emblem and a calling card as a reward. When you reach your stage 50, you will switch the RANKED ROYALTY as long as Operator Skin, an animated Calling Card and another emblem free. At the end of a season, on the basis of your Skill Division, there is another emblem, which allows you to decorate your profile. The unlocked items can be used both in Vanguard and Warz1. Further information about the ranked play will keep the patch notes available for the current vanguard update.

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