Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyon) said Mobile Game Developer Co., Ltd. Supercat (Representative Kim Young), co-developed by the Mobile MMORPG ‘Breeze of the Breeze: New Weekly Raid’ Emperor ‘on the Year of the Mobile MMORPG “

The “Duro” of the “Emperor’s Snabal” is called ‘Duro’ who sealed the Gumi Ho, and it is a story that is looking for a story that is hidden in the Lord of the Seal. The content required.

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The “Emperor’s rest of the” Emperor’s rest of the “Emperor”, which spreads the battle in the secrets of the secrets, is composed of four story dungeons and three combat dungeons, and it is an item that can produce the ‘Jin Siwang’s ring’ And provide.

Meanwhile, Nexon proceeds until March 17th, ‘Go to the’ Tourism! ‘Event. Once a day, it will be in the fortress of the ‘[Tours] Forty’ fortress, and took the Dungeon Boss ‘Tours’, and when you kill the Dungeon Boss ‘Sprayer’, various basic items Compensation and add “iceburse” of ‘iceburse’. As the ‘Ice-seok’ of the ‘Events’,’ [Event] Constant Summonstone: 99 Level ‘,’ Reinforced Stabilizer ‘, and the item containing’ 오 강 강 강 화,,,

For more information about this update and game, see ‘Country of the Wind: Yan’s Annual Community Community.