Lost Ark Offline: If you wanted to play the new Amazon MMOG last weekend, if necessary, looked into the tube. Either players had to go in long queues – or Lost Ark was entirely offline . The developers performed maintenance work over the past few days to increase server capacity – and to ensure relaxation at the queues. “We are overwhelmed by the number of players who have joined us since our start on Friday in Lost Ark,” says the developers in a current blog entry.

Full server and long queues

Arkesia is filled with players to the edge, “That’s why we work as soon as possible to set up a whole new region of servers in Europe . Amazon Games and SmileGate RPG would work around the clock to put new servers in the live operation. At the situation around the long queues is likely to change for the time being , as the developers also communicate. “We will take time to make sure that on our part everything is ready to help all players come into play”. An update to the exact time should be “as soon as possible”.

These are the developers according to a separate new region for Lost Ark, without cross-region-crossing gameplay. “This also means that regional functions such as royal crystal or silver stocks from Central Europe are not accessible in the new European region. The new region is most likely ideal for players who have not yet created a character, or for those of you who are not sure about whether you want to stay on the current server, “the makers share.

Gift for the launch

Get Ready for LOST ARK! Pre-Load & Early Access Release Date Launch Times
As a small grooming paving for the bumpy launch, SmileGate RPG and Amazon Games distribute a small gift , which includes a riding chest chest with a terpeion or terpeion of the shadow. Add to that MidSummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest, Combat Capacity X10 Combat Rail Size X10, Cost Operating Rail Size X10, Legendary Relationship Chest X3, Weekly Trade Petitions Package X3 and PhoenixFlaum X20. The gift should be distributed after the start of the new region. Then you can pick it up to you until March 2, 2022 in Lost Ark.

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