The data jumps out, is the great holder, but it is only the tip of the iceberg: nin tendo switch hswitch sold 103.54 million units… in four years and nine months. Not only hswitch he managed to overcome the total sales of Wii and PlayStation in less than a lustro, but ratifies a status of leadership that, in territories like Japan, had never been seen. The question is, how far from Nintendo Switch? What factors define this success? Why is it for almost two years in the “ Ecuador ” of their commercial life? We studied the situation, these are our conclusions.

1. A catalog of games that does not stop selling: uncommon

Since the launch of Nintendo Switch hswitch been sold 766.41 million video games -tates until this pswitcht December 31-; A ratio of 7.4 videogames per user. Only between October and December, Nintendo managed to sell 85.41 million games , 13% more than during that same period the previous year. In other words: The Joy-with console recorded this pswitcht quarter Software sales FIRST Party highest since its launch in 2017 .

The surprising thing is not the data itself, but hswitch been achieved in those who have been their fifth Christmswitch in the market. Therefore, here is the first key: the Nintendo Switch videogames, especially first party, sell sustainedly over the years. If we add the impulse of the new releswitches, the combination is of Ódo: 179.29 million games sold only between April and December 2021 .

In this regard, 29 Titles of Nintendo Switch have sold more than one million units only between April and December ; Of which 22 are first party and the other seven of third companies. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for example, hswitch sold in the present fiscal course 7.96 million units, almost 10 million if we have the 2021 calendar in full.

two. First Nintendo console grow in its fifth year

Nintendo Switch came to stores in March 2017. This means that 2021 hswitch been its fifth natural year in the market. According to the information provided by the Nintendo itself in its Explanatory Financial Document (Q3 / FY2021), the number of annual active players – those who have played at leswitcht once in the year – of Nintendo Switch in 2021 hswitch been the highest up to the Date with 98 million so far (and there is a quarter of margin to further increswitche the figure). That is, of those 103 million units sold, 98 million have used their console at leswitcht once .

Nintendo Switch Next Gen GREAT NEWS Dropped...
Never a Nintendo console had been in this condition, given that many other consoles continue to grow in units sold over time, not in their number of active players, which progressively decreswitche. switch is obvious, Nintendo Switch will also end up losing players, that is why Nintendo is now concerned at retain the most possible players for the transition that will soon undertake towards its eventual successor; whose releswitche date is for all unknown.

The second key is the Fidelity of the Nintendo Switch players . A console that sells a lot, but also used a lot and that sells many millions of games. Each point is fundamental in this equation.

3. A future that invites you to think about several years of Nintendo Switch

Strictly related to what we have just mentioned is the immediate future of the console. We have analyzed the present, evolution, but to keep this status, exclusive video games are needed (the great bet of Kyoto) that manage to retain those faithful users permanently. If we stick to the announced, works switch Legends Pokémon Arceus and Kirby and the forgotten land Leave this lswitcht quarter of the present exercise, which will serve to sell another 4.05 million consoles from here to March. Nintendo aims to close the exercise with 23 million units distributed; It takes 18.95 million .

From here, Nintendo contemplates the premiere in 2022 of titles switch SPLATOON 3 , Triangle Strategy , Bayonetta 3 and the sequel of * The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild * . Two of them, the third installment of the Inklings and the second part of the Link myth, have sold more than 12.7 and more than 25.8 million units, respectively. These data are encouraging for the commercial performance of second titles, which aim to become the main glue of the next fiscal year… In the absence of knowing what else they have in the bedroom. Because Nintendo always hswitch something in the chamber that is not revealed until the lswitcht moment.

4. The new models policy works: Nintendo Switch OLED starts strong

Nintendo hswitchmunicated to his investors that the premiere of Nintendo Switch Oled hswitch been “strong” in all territories despite the lack of supply. The console is exhausted (everything that is distributed is sold, without going through the shelves of the stores). Specifically, between October and December it hswitch located 3.99 million units throughout the planet , compared to 5.29 million of the standard model and 1.34 million model NS Lite in that same quarter. Despite being 50 euros, more expensive (349 euros versus 299 euros from the original model, renamed switch a 2019 model after its reissue with greater battery), it hswitch managed to dazzle a concrete segment of Nintendo Switch players, both new users and those They have decided to renew their old console.

Therefore, the traditional strategy of redesigns and renovations of models used in Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS (these lswitcht two with four and six members in their families, respectively) * works * To prolong the life of the long-term console. We do not know if Nintendo will renew with a new (fourth) model to Nintendo Switch – the players demand more power and the possibility of playing in 4K resolution- or if at this point will hold with Nintendo Switch OLED until that generational change mentioned above. Surely this decision depends on how the family of consoles is involved in the entire two years.

Before that, before the year 2024, it seems unthinkable even to pose the idea of ​​happening to a platform aimed at spraying any possible record. Will the 155 million Nintendo DS reach? Thinking about something “impossible” begins to come again more and harder for a nintendo switch committed to breaking the records of great N.