CD Projekt Red You have announced through IGN that a new delivery of Gwent, the card game of The Witcher 3 , will be published at any time at the end of 2022.

The American Middle Article points out that the title, with Project Golden Nekker as a key name, will not require players to possess any other version of Gwent to acquire it, but it will be a totally independent game. In this case it will be for a single player, and will try to offer “captivating experience different from previous versions of the card game.”

Although the development of the new CD Projekt title has already been known for a couple of months, a launch window has already been offered next to the presentation of a number of new letters offered by IGN itself besides the one that leads the news, And you can see them below. From left to right, Son The Barbarian, Living Fire, Fire Elemental and The Golden Nekker (which represents the name in the game key):

GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Journey #8 Launch Trailer

The card game, you already know, had special success among The Witcher 3 users: Wild Hunt, where it worked as an apparently anecdotal minigame, but that the community went on to ask until it was officially launched in 2018 as an independent multiplayer title. That same year, in fact, that thronebreaker said also: The Witcher Tales, a Gwent _Spin-off, which ran out of his story.

From IGN aim that “it is very possible that Project Golden Nekker is launch in October 2022,” coinciding with the exit of the new multiplayer letters.