The fans of _ jujutsu kaisen _ are more than happy with the announcement of the arrival of the film internationally. However, many more are still asking when is that the second season of the anime will be released. Although everything seems to indicate that much time is missing to see again Yūji Itadori and company in Action, A special presentation that could change this will be held.

To celebrate the resounding success of jujutsu kaisen 0 in Japan, next February 12 will be held a special event , where several tape actors will be present for an “important ad”. At the moment it is unknown what we will see in this presentation, but here it could be confirmed that a second anime season is on the way.

This special presentation will take place in a movie theater in Japan, although it will be transmitted live to other places. Here, Megumi Ogata, Kana Hanazawa, Yūichi Nakamura and Takahiro Sakurai, actors of _jujutsu kaisen 0, _ will be present to talk about the success of the movie, thank the fans, and give the surprise announcement that we all expect.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Release Date Reveal This Month?

The first season of jujutsu kaisen began to be transmitted in 2020, and enjoyed 24 episodes that were well received by fans around the world. Although in the past it was mentioned that the production of the second season would take longer than expected, especially considering that MAPPA, the animation study, is in charge of several projects at the same time, among them the adaptation of chainsaw Man, the advertisement This month could reveal at the end of the day there was room for this production.

On related topics, jujutsu kaisen was the best-selling sleeve of 2021. Similarly, the movie of jujutsu kaisen 0 confirms its premiere in Latin America.

Editor’s note:

I look forward to the return of jujutsu kaisen, especially considering that the next arc in adapting is one of the longest and impressive of the series so far. However, I do not want animators in MAPPA to spend hours and hours, not only in this project, but in the other adaptations in which they are working. Better to take your time.