18 years after the last movie Matrix sets: Resurrections the dystopic series around the humanity captured in a computer world – and the fans could not be split. A good time to talk about Matrix ‘trying to speak video game tests.

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The matrix games: which pill can it be?

Simply pushing the fate of the matrix video games into the drawer of the well-known license curse would be too easy. Yes, the games should support the films and got a bit in their shadows, but it is not that they did not try something own. But what came out, there was somewhere between monotone and turned through. Nonetheless, the adaptations still show how much gaming potential has the Matrix Universe and what a possible coming game – after the impressive “The Matrix Awakens” Demo – could build.

Here you can watch the trailer for the very first matrix video game: Enter the Matrix:

Enter the Matrix: Like Max Payne, only different

The year 2003 was a very ambitolated phase for the matrix producers. With six months away, not only two films seemed one behind the other, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, at the same time the first video game came from developer Shiny Entertainment on the market. With a peculiarity that caused for many fans to form first: instead of cleaning the matrix instead of with protagonist neo, you can also play niobe or ghost . But that also has something good: In Enter the Matrix, the two cool comrades not only get their deserved Screentime, with their history and the additionally turned footage, the game also answers a few questions that are not answered in the films. No centrally important, but nice “good to know” Godies for real matrix fans.

The gameplay reminds very strongly at Max Payne. While Niobe and Ghost have to fulfill several missions in the matrix, you will always get it with armed forces and agents. And here, next to the baller, naturally jumps and other combat moves in slow motion are not missing – where slow motion is the wrong word. A barely noticeable, but at least cool-looking mini slowdown, it meets better . The first hour is incredibly fun, your assets the opponents (almost) just as cool as in the films until you realize that only repetitions follow. There are also a chunky control, plastic graphics and not a particularly high degree of difficulty. Enter the Matrix is ​​not a license-trash, but also no game worthy of his template.

Matrix: The Path of (I can finally) Neo (play)

Two years later, Matrix followed: The Path of Neo – and yes, if it is not better, it’s definitely still whirl. In this game, you can finally slip into the role of Neo itself and play the events of the films – from escape from his office life (as boring stealth tutorial involved) to his final fight against Agent Smith (a boss fight against a high-rise transformer because video game!). But as well as many non-canon situations, for example, Neos fight against Ninjas, vampires and human-sized ants . In principle, no heavy crime, a video game should also use the many possibilities of the matrix, but at the latest no one does not feel seriously taken as a chosen or savior of humanity.

And who is not yet curious enough, that is said that the matrix producers have immortalized with a scene also in the game in which they explain as badly animated block people that they did not want the game Just like the third movie ends and a little better should offer. At the end of the ten-hour matrix trips, with many camera problems and lame fighting, matrix: The Path of Neo has definitely managed to burn deep into the gamer memory, but unfortunately not as a good game. But even if the Neo simulator could not retract a huge success, the matrix gaming era was not over yet…

The Matrix Online: An ambitious project

In addition to the classic third-person shooters, the Matrix Universe also tried on an MMO-RPG, developing monolith productions and also appeared in 2005. In the game, the fans were able to make the digital city of Mega City unsafe and decide between one of three character classes: the codes , the programs could fight for themselves, the hackers sabotage from distant people could, and the operative **, which handles fists or firearms. To determine the fate of the matrix, players could connect three different factions that fought either per humanity, per machine or per “I make my own thing”.

Skilling skill, missions fulfill, hang out with other players – The Matrix online offered not only a completely new gaming experience, it also told the story of the films and let players work together and interact players with important figures like Morpheus. Despite the many good ideas, the game was turned off due to low number of players in 2009, of course not without saying goodbye to all players with a disturbing matrix extinction. This was consistently due to all games: Good was not in it, but 0815 did not work either. If already, then with a floody style.

From Enter the Matrix to The Matrix Online: The video game adaptations of the iconic universe could probably miss the license curse, but success productions have not become the end. What is left for us: a treasure of iconic trials and knowledge that the potential is still there. Just wonder when the right developer is setting it…