It was probably the most interesting rumor from the current Boxer podcast: According to the insider Special Nick, Microsoft allegedly works on another Remaster Collection for a well-known Xbox franchise. So exactly the format in which the Halo: The Master Chief Collection now appeared over seven years ago.

On Twitter, other industry connoisseurs such as Journalist Tom Warren hung up to the rumor and pointed out with their answers among other things to the Fable or the Gears of War series. No surprise, after all, these are one of the most popular Xbox IPs.

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Of course, it is a so far unconfirmed rumor, which should always be enjoyed with caution. But I was reading this speculation but directly a strangely euphoric feeling. Connected to the thought: Yes, please let that be true!.

The author

Tobias Celtic is still throwing today the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and is still surprised after more than seven years, about the quantities of content that are stuck in this package. Already because of the sheer mass of such a collection, he has often wondered why there is not much more of these collections.

3 good reasons for a new collection

Because in my view, to Remaster or even remake processing of the Gears and / or Fable Collection would be a really famous idea – assuming natural, it is properly implemented. And that for several reasons:

  1. All games collected in a package
    Sure, most of the Gears and Fable games can now be played over the Game Pass. A collection would be unevenly more comfortable, which has shown the Master Chief Collection impressively. Here I can select directly between the games back and forthwith or even individual missions, the multiplayer is only a menu line removed.
  2. Perfect start for newcomers
    Not everyone is familiar with the Gears and Fable Games. Especially with the latter series, the last large part is over 11 years ago. In order to prepare for the next part and to get to know the series, a collection would be ideal – especially as thanks to technical revisions, the games are just visually trimming at today’s level.
  3. Graphical delicacies could also curl old rabbits
    Halo 2 Anniversary in the Master Chief Collection was technically set up that I had myself with 20 campaign passages on the hump to play it again. If the possible Gears or Fable collections get similar adjustments, I am sure that even many old rabbits would play the games again with joys – even to get to the new look.

Ultimately, my possible anticipation for another collection resulted from the good experiences with the Halo Collection. Although they had their problems at the beginning, but in my opinion is still with the best games collection that you can play. Microsoft’s other glossy marks send a similar treatment, therefore, I think not only for desirable, but actually even overdue. And would be very curious how a possible Gears or Fable Collection could look like.

And how it looks with you? Would you prefer Fable or Gears of War as Collection? Or rather another franchise? Vote!

Important note: This is just my thoughts about another games’ collection for the Xbox. Microsoft has neither confirmed the development of such, nor commented otherwise. So it’s about a mind game, which of course you can nevertheless comment.

How would you like another Game Collection for the Xbox?