As for all free-to-play now, yu-gi-oh! Master Duel offers a combat pass. In addition to offering gems and card species of all rarities, 3 cosmetics are waiting for you. The Duel Pass makes it possible to motivate players to make duels, and offers a free and paying version. To know everything about the pass and his rewards, this is where it happens.

the rewards of the duel pass in Master duel

If you have chosen to play the game without paying the slightest cent, you can enjoy some rewards up to the level 50 of the duel Pass. These are gems, cards essences, and a profile icon.

  • Gimme (x200)
  • Normal essence (x27)
  • Rare essence (x30)
  • Super rare essence (x30)
  • Gasoline ultra rare (x30)
  • Icon Goblin Français

But by deciding the Gold version of the pass, you can enjoy more rewards until the level 100. Two cosmetics are added to the list, as well as materials in greater quantity. These rewards are cumulative to those of the free pass.

  • Gimme (x600)
  • Normal essence (x72)
  • Rare essence (x80)
  • Super rare essence (X100)
  • Gasoline ultra rare (X100)
  • Illustration of monster construction of the shadow El
  • Partner Cupidity pot

date, price and duration Du pass

Limited to one per player, the duel Pass costs the derisory price of 600 gems. The latter being entirely reimbursed by the rewards of the Gold version, it is a plus not to be missed. It is expected that the pass remains in place for more than two months, leaving the players largely to complete it. The first pass of duel is available in shop until April 3, 2022, when he and his rewards will go.


How to increase the levels of the pass?

No miracle solution here, only the duels allow getting points to increase the level of the pass. However, only classified matches and events are taken into account for this progression. Then, according to the duel and its result, a number of points is awarded to the player. Be careful, however, the abandonment of a duel cancels any potential gain.

  • Gain of points:
    • Make a duel – 50 to 100 points
    • Win a duel – 120 points
  • Points to win by grade:
    • Grades 2 to 10 – 50 points
    • Grades 11 to 15 – 60 points
    • Grades 16 to 20 – 70 points
    • Grades 21 to 25 – 80 points
    • Grades 26 to 30 – 90 points
    • Grades 31 and over – 100 points