The last MCU costume finally give sips from Marvel fanatics what they have been asking, which is a bit of thanks to Kate Bishop. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have regularly launched MCU masks for several characters, but it has largely limited the most popular characters of the game, that is, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. A character who has not been at the receiving end of this MCU content has been Kate Bishop, but this week that finally began to change.

On Twitter, the Official Twitter account of the game transmitted the news of the launch of a new mask of Kate Bishop MCU, which is inspired by the appearance of the character in the recent Hawkeye Disney + program. What do the fans have against this? Well, they have nothing against the premise, but it is the execution that bothers many in the answers.

More specifically, players are not happy that MCU’s first mask for Kate Bishop does not have the right hair. Instead of trying to recreate the hair of the character for the skin, Crystal Dynamics opted not to touch it, and the fans are not happy with this. It is not the first time that Crystal Dynamics does this, but there have been cases in which they change their hair for MCU mask releases. It is not clear why he does this at times, and not others.

Players are also upset with the current state of the game, both from the technical and design point of view and from the point of view of the content. As a result, many are not happy to see that Crystal Dynamics launches masks while these problems plague the game.

Of course, these shots do not represent the fully and increasingly reduced players base, however, if Twitter’s responses are an indication, an appreciable amount, at least, is displeased with the game and the launch of this new mask of MCU.

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