The Mob Rules Trip was a concert trip by the English rock band Black Sabbath. The Our started on November 15, 1981, in Quebec and finished on August 31, 1982, in Hoffman.

It’s difficult, I do not understand it if you have a big chance to create something big. We have addressed it before, even at halftime. I just do not understand it. We do not get an energy and intensity in the square, we get Do not come to the opponent, are only occasionally going on, do not come to the two-fighting, we are running behind, meet at the goals personal false decisions. That can happen, that’s no problem. But that is no problem And is not only occasionally, but runs through each week. Then, of course, it will be brutally difficult, regardless of the opponent, because structure is reinstated, Lars Still went to the court after the game Sky with his team.

Especially acidically, the VFL captain encountered that the team had actually traveled with success hunger Gen Lower Saxony, without thoughts of the difficult situation in the Bundesliga with space twelve only not far from the relegation ranks. We hid the situation, looked at the games of yesterday and hauled with euphoria, the 33-year-old stated.

From something like euphoria was in fact at Playback in Hanover. Rather, the Russia of the bite and Élan lacked in defensive such as offensive, the second division Hanover in excess and so deserved passed. That the foal elf as a team did not agree, but Still did not want to be considered: Of course we are a team, but after such a game I have, which concerns, of course zero arguments. It is already the way we address that, too In the winter break. And there is no one who goes to the game today and do not want to Berlin. Only you do not just have to talk, but also implement it. And it happens.