Throughout the last year, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, and his government, have mentioned the risks that the addition of the video games may present. Mainly, violent games have been pointed out, and their relationship with child behavior. While some of the statements we have heard in recent months has several faults, it was recently revealed that a campaign against addiction caused by video games and mobile devices is already underway.

During the morning conference that was held today, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, spokesman and general coordinator of communication of the Presidency of the Republic, revealed that a campaign is already underway to prevent narco-culture and use of drugs. However, he did not limit himself only to this topic, since he also mentioned that he has planned to do something about video games and cell phones , which, he said, generate patterns of disease and addiction. This was what he commented on:

Here there was a presentation about the risks of video games, which is not only the addictive use, but of the hook age that there is by organized crime groups based on these war, weapons use, etc. We are about to start a campaign in the midst of communication to make awareness of the affectation generated by these games that use weapons that simulate themselves real who have harmful effects on adolescents and young people, who generate violence in the family, schools and on the street.

We hope that here we can present the campaign, in which there is even a song that talks about the risks of venture into the world of narco-culture, sale and purchase of illegal substances, and the consumption of these chemical substances that is They do with ratified, battery fluids, and substances that hurt the brain, body and life of children and young people who consume them.

Next to this, Cuevas has pointed out that this anti-addiction campaign will be presented during one of the upcoming morning conferences. It is still to be seen until degree is planned to satanize video games by this type of behavior . Recall that, despite the organisms that are responsible for the classification, and the role played by parents at the time of supervising the type of content they consume minors, the Government continues to blame this industry for promoting violence.

In related topics, the Government of Mexico accuses the manufacturers of weapons to finance video games. Similarly, these are regulations to play online.