Do I have to be in patch 9.2 maybe yet rule sockets and upgrade? Really collect Stygian glow with the character for patch 9.2 again each week? I still asked these questions a few weeks ago and did not think so…

Five days ago then the redeeming message: Rule gems will not have effect in the content of patch 9.2 . Pub, what lucky. Thus, Blizzard pulls the right conclusions and has self-recognized that rule splinters were probably the worst feature within a Raids , what we have in WOW (Buy €14,99) ever seen.


Nobody will miss you

Rule splinters are above all one: a boring, Passive Power Gain, which has zero on the playing style of the character. You will cause two percent more damage here, 3.5 percent more damage there. Less resourceful were only generic set bonuses from old enlargements, but even with those one had somehow the feeling that they would be something special. If the rule clerks of the Chairman would be a RAID, they would be the business ink!

Speaking of set items: these cut as a kind of raid feature still over worlds better than the splinters from the sanctum of domination. To reach the right set item was difficult without a token system, because the boss had to drop the right item. A little luck was to have been needed.

The splinters of the rule did but completely randomly. Do I get a splitter from this boss? And if so, which? Well, to pray more than to Ingests, you could not do. And if you had all the splinters together, you still had to drop the right item that activates the matching bonus for the splinters. This RNG festival has brought self-confined mythical raiders from top guilds almost to howl .
For example, anyone who could only participate in the two Raid days of his guild at a RAID evening in the week had no chance to come to a splinter bonus when the right bosses had already been defeated at the previous RAID day.
Does the boss drop my item this week, or do I go back without splinter bonus from the RAID? Source: Blizzard

Splitter bonuses were not understood today

So really explained the stackable effect of the splitter from Blizzard either. Like many players, for example, you have already seen with the unholy bonus, which had two splinters in rank 5 and the speed splinter of Both rank 1, because speed does not bring much. However, it’s just stupid that your Stat-Proc of the Unholy Bonus is very low because the value is based on rank 1 of your splinters.

Splitter must be upgraded at the same time, because only the lowest rank of a respective set bonus for the mighty Pro censures, which is sometimes getting more than 1,000 DPS on its final stage.

I can not remember a worse feature in a raid, which was designed so main and had a so dirty time gating as the rule splinters. I hope Blizzard pulls out of the teachings and I will not miss rule splinters in patch 9.2 absolutely. And you?