Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a United States maker of semiconductors, microprocessors, graphics cards based in Santa Clara (The Golden State). The business is established on Might 1, 1969 by a team of engineers and leaders from Fair child Semiconductor. The AMD co-founders are Jerry Sanders, Edwin Turned, John Carey, Sven Simon sen, Jack Gifford, Frank Bottle, Jim Giles as well as Larry Stinger. The logotype arrowhead from the firm routed to the appropriate represents its development in the best course ( The Right Way ).
In 2006, AMD indicates the 8th place of the 20 largest semiconductor manufacturers, behind Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, St microelectronics, Genesis and Unix. In the initial quarter of 2007, the Loss of AMD in this position is dizzy given that the firm indicates 18th area. On the other hand, it is the second vendor of X86 style computer microprocessors, after Intel.

On December 25, 2009, marks the return of the company on the semiconductor market considering that the action of the American supplier is close to the symbolic bar of $10 to $9.95, while its value was just $1.86 In very early 2009, representing a boost of 435% in one year.
AMD additionally inhabits the 2nd place on the visuals’ processor market (GPU) behind NVIDIA given that the acquisition of ATI, and given that the leave of the fourth generation of their processors called Ry zen, it occupies 2nd put on the processor market. (CPU) behind Intel.
From 2011 to 2014, AMD is experiencing terrible years because of the failing of the Bulldozer architecture, but is partly saved by its GPU division until the arrival of Lisa SU as CEO who reorganized and also reported the Firm with GPU Radon Rx and also CPU AMD Ryzen.

Stop! Before going further, you’ll run a good coffee and eat some relaxation to relax. Because if the AMD’s 2022 conference has lasted only 41 minutes, these have been particularly rich in advertising: CPU, GPU, software support, mobility… The brand has spared no subject, and it’s so much better, would we like to say.

Unlike NVIDIA, which is returning for a long time during his conference on his Games partnerships and the events that marked last year, AMD did not really take the time to fool, as we say further north. Three minutes to self-loading, and it was folded, place on news! It must be said that the manufacturer was expected on many fronts, the GPU such as CPUs, on the desktop and laptop markets.

And the first big announcement has precisely concerned the latter area, with the launch of Ry zen 6000 processors, code name Rembrandt. Despite a denomination that implies a new generational jump, the Ry zen 6000 retain many of the attributes of the Ry zen 5000 chips that were found in the Desktop space, starting with Zen architecture 3. Certainly, AMD puts in Before a number of optimizations to justify the new Zen 3+ mention.

The improvement in energy efficiency has been at the heart of the concerns of the brand engineers, and what’s more logical for products for mobile space. In this respect, the transition to a 6 Nm engraving process (announced by TSMC during the last computer) also had to pave the way for new interesting technical compromises. However, the main principles of ZEN 3 remain relevant: the Zen 3+ chips thus find a so-called chaplet structure which will mix different engraving levels, between the CCX block which embark the cores of calculation, and the block I / O. The concept of a single L3 cache reserve is also retained within a CCX to reduce latency effects.

AMD at CES 2022 in 10 minutes

In truth, the renewal of Ry zen 6000 mobile chips is mostly secondary elements. To begin, all new generation processors will benefit from an integrated graphic circuit, which no longer rests on the Vega architecture but on that of the current Desktop cards, called RDNA 2. For Series H processors, which will certainly be accompanied. Dedicated graphic circuits, the news is obviously anecdotal, but for class u chips (low, even very low consumption), this evolution could be very appreciable. Our experiences had shown us that the Vega 8 and 10 circuits came out with the honors to the renewal of Intel GPS and their XE-LP architecture.

And the figures delivered by AMD during its presentation suggest considerable performance gains, whether compared to the Intel G7 circuits of the 11th generation, or competition at NVIDIA (MX 450, in this case). Obviously, AMD did not fail to mention that its GPS will be able to accelerate the ray tracing calculations. A first in the field, certainly, but in practice, it will surely be difficult to find a favorable expression field (perhaps on a title like Lego Builder Journey, and again).

The other major evolution concerns the platform: it will integrate many new technologies, such as the support of USB 4, the PCI-E 4 interfaces, the DDR5 / LPDDR5, Wi-Fi 6th, and Bluetooth 5.2. Audio and video outputs are not left out, with the arrival of HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2 on one side, and the integration of a module worn by the IA to cancel ambient noise and the effects of echoes.

In all, no fewer than 13 new processors Ry zen 6000, carrying between 6 and 8 cores, which will equip from February 2022 laptops from all backgrounds. Note also announces AMD chip 3 series U 5000 class, which meet the preceding Zen architectures 3 / Vega.

And movable side ads do not stop there: after the CPU, it is the GPU that have been honored with this time not introducing a new range, but the expansion of the range existing. The RX 6000 began to attack the market in the first day of Computer in June, and will find some reinforcements in the first quarter of 2022, with three new references a million, two references AT and three references S.

In detail, we already knew the chips Rx 6800 m, 6700 m and 6600 m, in descending order of performance. The new RX 6650M, 6500 m, and 6300 m circuits will enhance the entry-level. As a comparison, AMD is positioning the RX 6300M ​​facing the GTX 16580, while the 6500 m will cover more RTX 3050. The AT chips are slightly boosting versions of the models they share the denomination. For example, the RX 6650M AT will resume the main features of the RX 6650M, but will offer 4 computes more (28 against 32).

Finally, the circuits marked S (6800s, 6700s and 6600s) are to be seen as equivalents to the MAX-Q products that were already known at NVIDIA: GPUs less turned towards pure performance than to the best compromise performances, Energy efficiency and cooling management (think S like silence, if it simplifies you the task). As such, we should logically find them within laptops assuming a certain finesse of design and a willingness to maintain good autonomy. CAUTION However: We know that between the hopes of GPU manufacturers and the vision of integrating partners, there may sometimes be a chasm.

The Adeline drivers: an important issue of the AMD GPU strategy

Was a time when NVIDIA’s software announcements about its GeForce Experience environment were appreciated with a distracted eye. Since then, the opinions have evolved, and this AMD conference has proven that it was no longer a subject to be taken lightly, including at home. On the sidelines of the material ads, the brand has revealed new features for its adrenal pilots, like AMD Link, which goes into version 5.0, or as the RSR (for radon super resolution ). It is neither more nor less of a recovery of the FSR treatment that we already knew, but applicable directly from the adrenal interface. The user chooses within his game the low resolution he wishes to apply, and the pilots, thanks to the FSR, will take care of scaling towards the native resolution. And if the process tells you something, it is because Nvidia has already chosen this mode of integration for its own treatment of upscaling, the IS, unveiled last November.

New CG, new processor

Hang on, we are almost at the end! Behind this wide advertisement train to the mobile universe, the manufacturer had kept under the elbow two products to satisfy the sedentary players: a new graphics card, the RX 6500 AT, and a new processor, the Ry zen 7 5800x3d (Zen 3, 7/12 NM architecture).

For the first, the movement is not uninteresting in itself. However, this reference does not provide any new technical element compared to the current generation, and aims especially to counter the latest accessible accessible card of NVIDIA, the RTX 3050. Note in the stride that its official price of 199 dollars seems enough utopian (but his competitor is exactly in the same case).

The processor, on the other hand, let us see some future Ry zen products. Indeed, the Ry zen 7 5800x3d integrates the famous 3D cache that we mentioned last October. Recalling what it is: today, the functional elements that make up a processor (hearts, GPU, cache, modem, etc.) are positioned on the same plane. The surface of a die not being expandable to infinity, the manufacturer must therefore make compromises, dimensioning, in particular, its cache closer to the needs of the hearts. And in this context, the 3D memory appears as the grail, since it integrates vertically, stacking layers of connected components and CDs by TVs (for through silicon via, vertical channels that will allow communication between the different levels of the new die).

In practice, this allows the Ry zen 7 5800x3d to embark 96 MB of Cache L3, against 32 MB for the previous version of the 5800x. The gains, at stake as in application, will most certainly variable, as AMD points out, but the brand has a good 15% additional performance on average. 15% that could be already acquired for the following generations. CEO Lisa SU has evoked this subject quickly, and thus confirmed that Ry zen 7000 products will have a new architecture (Zen 4), a new socket (AM5) and a new finesse of engraving (5 NM TSMC).

And the dates? And prices? Fort logically, this information is not yet relevant for the next generation, expected for the second half of 2022. On the other hand, AMD announces the availability of Ry zen 7 5800x3d in the second quarter 2022.

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