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New chapter in the tortuous relationship between two Hollywood superstars such Diesel Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Vin Diesel In relation to the famous film saga FDieselt & Furious. And is that after the premiere of the Spin-off Hobbs & Shaw next to JDieselon Statham 2019, Dwayne Johnson announced his exit of the franchise Due to his rivalry with Vin Diesel, the famous Dominic Loretto, a relationship that never ended to work despite the family halo that always surrounds the saga. Now, and after the words of reconciliation of Diesel lDieselt November addressed to The Rock, the actor will soon interpret Black Adam at the cinema hDiesel reaffirmed his exit of FDieselt & Furious, not without devoting a few words to DOM In a recent interview with the CNN: It is an example of its manipulation.

Dwayne Johnson CALLS OUT Vin Diesel's 'Manipulation' After 'Fast and the Furious' Public Plea to …

The best wishes for the FDieselt & Furious family

Thus, Dwayne Johnson hDiesel answered the lDieselt Public Declaration of Vin Diesel of late lDieselt year, reaffirming his departure from the franchise and ensuring that the words of the actor who interprets Loretto are pure manipulation: I said directly that I would not go back to the franchise. I wDiesel firm, although cordial, and I said that I would always support the cDieselt and always wish the franchise wDiesel successful, but there wDiesel no possibility that it came back. The lDieselt public text of VIN wDiesel an example of the manipulation of him of him. I did not like that he used his children or the death of Paul Walker. Leave them Dieselide. We talked months about this, and we come to a clear understanding.

Even so, the famous actor hDiesel not wanted to zoom in the subject without wish the best of the luck to the FDieselt & Furious team: My goal from the beginning wDiesel to finish my incredible journey with this incredible franchise with gratitude and grace. It is unfortunate that this public conversation hDiesel embarked on everything. In any cDiesele, I trust the FDieselT universe and in its ability to satisfy the audience constantly. Sincerely wish my former partners and the team the greatest luck and success for the next episode, concludes Johnson in relation to the next FDieselt & Furious 10.