Blizzard is known for ingenious cinematic. We show you the 5 best cinematic that Warcraft has brought out until today!

In his more than 25 years of history, Warcraft has not only experienced numerous games and extensions, but also creating a lot of cinematic with impressive scenes that are remembered the players. We have reviewed all the videos and In game sequences again and creates a list. It’s time that we introduce you to our top 5.

Note: The article originally from the summer of 2018 – we have updated him again in early 2022.

Rank 5: Warcraft III — End of the Human Campaign

Prince Art has is still the central figure of the Warcraft Universe and this Cinematic has contributed significantly to many players. Art has returns victorious from North end after hunting MAL’gains and found the Runenblade Frostmourne.

In this sense: What Are You Doing, My Son? — Succeeding You, Father!

Place 4: Wow: Legion — Various Victims

The beginning of the extension Legion was crossed by many losses on both sides. But even if the death of Vol’Jin was sad, the presentation is not enough to the heroic victim of the king of Storm wind, which crashes into the demonic armies to enable his comrades to escape.

You will commemorate your memory. The king, who has sacrificed everything — nothing.

Place 3: Wow: Legion — Years Death

Top 10 World of Warcraft Cinematics

In Val’Sarah, an area of ​​Legion, players also had to be brave. There, the green dragon aspect Year was spoiled from the nightmare. The Satyr Davis ​​made Year to his servant and the players were forced to fight against them. Your demise is one of the most touching moments of the story of Warcraft.

Place 2: War Bringer: Jain

In the run-up to Battle for Zeroth appear, War Bringer: Jain has already become a favorite among the fans. Especially the German translation is praised and cares for goose bumps. Jane travels back to the battlefield where her father Dealing died and sings a folk song from Lula Tires — that warns before her.

Do not trust, the daughter of the lake, take care of her in front of her.

Place 1: Wow: Wrath of the Rich King Intro

When Wrath of the Rich King has been released, Cinematic has split the gaming company to get started. Many found it too boring, but over the years there was more unity about it. Hardly a video triggers more goose bumps at the players, as the new meeting with Art has. The letter presented by his father, who describes the future of the prince of Cordero — only very different from they came — chases the players a show over his back today.

My son, on the day of your birth, the forests of Cordero domed the name… Art has.

These were our top 5 cinematic from the Warcraft Universe. Do you have a different selection? What are your favorite cinematic from Warcraft? Let’s know us in the comments!