In some occasions, God shows us its existence. This can be by means of a cookie in its form. Other times he presents in front of us in a dream. However, the most recent divine act of him was guiding someone to create the best commercial on video games we have seen throughout the year, and This is due to the Appearance Terkel, the iconic Batman Villeins.

When the Joker is not committing criminal acts that are unforgivable, the villain enjoys a relaxing session of figure Fantasy, a mobile game from China. While this Title Free-to-play has been present for a long time, the work of KO MOE Technology Limited caught the attention for a series of commercials starring Joker and Harley Quinn.

As you could see, This version of Joker has the visual style of the Joaquin Phoenix version, but with the tone of voice and the characteristics of Jared Leto, an unconventional combination. However, it is the terrible script and the bad performance what has conquered the heart of hundreds of players who can not stop laughing at what they saw.

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Editor’s note:

Figure Fantasy Ad… What have they done.

This is how funny I have seen in a lot, a long time. The performance of the person in charge of Joker is horrible, and the script is a gigantic joke that will take a smile to more than one. Clearly, the best Christmas present.