As we presented it again recently as one of the first curiosities of 2022, Weird West has just lost this advantageous status. The fault in a few more weeks that Wolf eye Studios and Revolver Digital conceded in the hope of making a copy in line with expectations.

This mixture of action game, role-play and immersive simulation simmered by the Veteran Raphaël ANTONIO team (ARX Fatalism, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dishonored, Prey) will not be available on January 11th but the March 31 next year, always on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass. This is the case with any immersive simulation, there are many variables that can cause unexpected consequences. It takes more time to offer the experience that the community expects from Wolf eye and Revolver. The team understands that this May be a disappointment for some, but it wants to make sure that the game on which it has worked for years be launched in the best possible form, explains the press release. Raphael ANTONIO also pronounced a few words in the video below.

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