During the last year, some of the first letters of the Pokémon collectible card game have experienced a massive increase in value in the secondary market, and part of this is due to transmitters such as Logan Paul. Paul’s passion by Pokémon has made YouTuber spend large amounts of money on cards, and apparently has no plans to reduce speed. In a tweet shared today, the transmitter revealed that he bought a sealed and authenticated box of first edition Pokémon cards for $3.5 million. That case contains 11 boxes in total. In a tracking video clip, Paul states that he is the only one who is known to exist.

Paul tweets can be found embedded below.

Opening The $1,000,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)
At the time of writing these lines, Paul has not revealed any of him’s plans for the case. In the video, we can see it excited about the possibility of finding 11 Harvard cards from the first edition inside, so it looks like a safe bet that will open the case. Harvard is clearly Paul’s favorite Pokémon; YouTuber even used a Harvard BGS 10 1st-Edition card around his neck before and after entering the ring in his fight with Floyd May weather in June. Harvard is easily the most demanded card from the original basic set, and remains the most valuable, especially those that are first edition and receive a high rating.

In the past, Logan Paul auctioned card packages from the first edition for the National Alliance on Mental Diseases, then made the packages opened and evaluated live. It is possible that Paul could do something similar with these sealed boxes, or he could be planning to stay with the cards for his own ends! Either way, it does not seem like a long time before we get a definitive answer, so YouTuber fans will only have to be attentive to their social networks to see what the future holds.

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